Gold Buyers

Approach reputable gold buyers to obtain the greatest price for your gold. Bhishma Gold buys back gold and gold-related objects in the shape of jewellery, bars, coins, or any other format at the best price available. If you want to sell, convert gold to cash, or even release a pledge gold loan for cash, we will assist you in our trading procedure while adhering to our company's ethics and rules.

Buying Gold for Cash

If you want to sell your gold, the greatest gold buyers in are constantly at your disposal. Pledge gold in banks, pawnbrokers, or any financial institution to arrange for financing for starting a business, buying a property, arranging for emergency medical requirements, or anything else has now become common practise in India. However, with Bhishma Gold, it is now possible to obtain fast cash without the requirement for numerous paperwork. It is fine to pledge your gold for a loan, but it is not wise to take out a large loan against your gold. As a result, people fail to return their pledged gold due to an enormous amount of interest rates, which occasionally reaches the 50% mark. The price of silver is twice that of gold.

Buying Gold at Best Value

If you want to sell your gold at a higher price to a reputable gold buyer, Bhishma Gold is an excellent choice. Your gold sale will be not only secure, but also transparent, with an accurate gold value based on the day's online price. When it comes to gold purity testing, our skilled specialists use innovative German-made purity testing devices that use cutting-edge XRF technology to evaluate the accuracy and purity of the gold.

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Best way to buy gold

When you decide to sell your gold to gold buyers, several procedures are undertaken that reflect the standards of a professional gold company. You will be completely satisfied when selling gold or any precious metal objects that provide a significant benefit to you. Whether you are selling gold for the first time or wish to release your pledge items, trading with business ethics and professionalism always yields the best pricing worth.

Why Bhishma Gold?

Top gold buyers in your area are looking to purchase your precious gold or related gold goods. Our representatives are experienced traders who will evaluate the quality of gold. The innovative way of checking gold purity is there in front of you, using a German instrument with the most recent XRF technology. Following purity, we will weigh the gold in a very transparent manner right in front of the consumer, ensuring your entire pleasure. We will provide you with an estimate of the offer pricing after deducting commission and taxes. Documentation of your address and ID proofs, as well as the purchased bill amount and signed consent, are necessary. If you are completely satisfied with our price, payment will be made immediately against your gold via Cash/IMPS/NEFT/RTGS; otherwise, we will refund your money.Return the valuable gold item to you undamaged.

Please keep in mind that a real buyer or seller will always want a bill or invoice to sell your gold as well as accompanying documents that provide eligibility criteria to complete the transaction.


A person must be at least 18 years old to transact, according to the rules. Individuals between the ages of 18 and 21 need have formal authorisation from family members or legal guardians with their documentation. For verification, the seller must supply one ID and one address. Only objects purchased and inherited by the seller, or items belonging to the seller's spouse, may be sold with their written approval. The seller is not permitted to sell things belonging to friends, family, colleagues, or anyone else.

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