Release Pledged Gold

Original Pledge or Pawn Ticket

A valid ID Proof

A valid and latest Address Proof

Passport size photo


A person must be at least 18 years old to transact, according to the rules. Individuals between the ages of 18 and 21 need have formal authorisation from family members or legal guardians with their documentation.

Seller must provide mandatory one ID and address for verification.

Only objects purchased and inherited by the seller, or items belonging to the seller's spouse, may be sold with their written approval.

The seller is not permitted to sell things belonging to friends, family, colleagues, or anyone else.

release pledge gold release pledge gold

Release Your Pledged Gold From Banks Or Any Finance Company – Cash For Gold

Why pay interest when you can release your pledged gold from pawnbrokers, NBFCs, banking institutions, and other financial institutions? The top gold company near you will release pledged gold or jewels and pay the difference in cash or online transfer manner with immediate payment.

People nowadays commonly pledge gold, jewellery, or other costly ornaments against cash in order to meet personal or business needs. Due to high interest rates, most customers fail to release pledged gold, and the interest rate on the loan amount continues to rise. As a result, clients will find it impossible to consider selling or even obtaining the true value of the promised gold price.

Why Akhshaya Gold Company to release pledged gold?

We realise how stressful it is to repay a large loan. You may have pledged the gold for the loan amount in order to invest in a business, obtain a wedding loan, or pay medical, educational, or other expenditures. You may lose the genuine worth of your valuable objects if it becomes difficult to repay the loan amount owing to the auction of pledged gold or jewellery. To be clear, banks are neither supportive nor make you comprehend the facts of the promised gold, and they plan auctions according to the time allotted. This may increase your stress level, and you may lose the genuine value of gold.

But you're probably wondering why Bhishma Gold came to your aid. As gold purchasers, we not only buy and sell gold, but we also release pledged gold and pay you the remainder amount after the amount for releasing the gold is paid.

Bhishma Gold in Bangalore is known for upholding professional standards and performing transactions in a transparent manner. Our firm is available at all locations in Bangalore, and you can visit the nearest centre to release pledged gold and sell your gold.

Know Process of Converting Your Pledged Gold to Cash

At Bhishma Gold, we make it as simple as possible for consumers to release pledged gold from NBFCs/Banks/Pawn Brokers, etc. Our simple approach will assist you in obtaining the best deal.

Procedure to Release Pledged Gold

First, our executives gather the customer's pledged information.

The approximate worth of the gold after deducting the sum paid for releasing the gold will be given to the customer.

If the customer is happy, our executive will accompany the customer to the venue.

Pay the requisite amount to the pledged corporation to release the pledged gold.

The purity of the promised gold will be tested in our office, and the evaluation will be completed.

In a transparent manner, 100% purity checking procedure employing German instrument with latest XRF technology is used.

If a discrepancy is discovered, Bhishma Gold will pay you the difference on the spot or by IMPS/RTGS/NEFT.

Documents Required to Release Pledged Gold

Original Pledge or Pawn Ticket

A valid ID Proof

A valid and latest Address Proof

Passport size photo

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