Sell Your Gold for on the spot cash

Are you seeking for a simple way to sell gold for quick cash? We at Bhishma Gold will assist you in expediting the procedure and obtaining the true market value for your gold, gold jewellery, and associated gold/precious metal products.

Our best gold purchasing firm has the professional expertise to match the faith of our clients. You can determine the value to sell your gold based on the weight and purity check with the help of qualified specialists in a secure environment. We guarantee client pleasure through complete transparency, which ensures great potential and the best market value for your gold because gold never ages or gets less valuable.

Sell Gold and get cash instantly

Bhishma Gold provides a rapid, transparent, and simple method of purchasing gold. We will quote the best price based on current market trends in the gold jewellery sector to buy or sell gold for fast cash. More importantly, you have the best alternatives for purchasing gold, but your possibilities for selling gold are limited. Furthermore, unlike pawnbrokers and other financial institutions, it is difficult to find a reputable gold buyer that adheres to professional ethics. In determining the gold price, we conduct tests with a modernised German XRF Technology that accurately detects gold purities from gold ornaments and jewellery.

Sell your gold to a trusted buyer

We buy various types of gold and gold-related products such as necklaces, coins, bullion, and so on at Akshaya Gold. Our trained specialists perform computerised gold testing as well as diamond, silver, and platinum testing. After completing the comprehensive examination, we offer the highest possible price for your gold, which may be the greatest deal available.

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Best way to sell gold for instant cash

Once you've decided on the best gold company to Sell Your Gold, some methods can provide you with complete satisfaction and benefits when selling gold or any precious metal item. We will also release your pledged gold in Pawnshops, Banks, or any financier and buy after you have released your pledged gold or related products. All you have to do is call us or visit a Bhishma Gold location near you to sell your gold. Our personnel will collect your gold items in order to determine the purity of gold. We employ German technology apparatus to accurately determine the purity of the gold in front of you. Following purity, we will weigh the gold in front of the purchaser in a completely transparent manner. We will refer to the After removing commissions and taxes, I will offer you a pricing. Documentation includes confirmation of your address and identification, the amount of your purchase, and your written consent. If you accept our offer price, we will pay you immediately in cash/IMPS/NEFT/RTGS for your gold or precious metal; otherwise, we will return your gold or adornment jewellery in pristine condition.

Please keep in mind that a real buyer or seller will always want a bill or invoice to sell your gold as well as accompanying documents that provide eligibility criteria to complete the transaction.

Documents required to carrying along with Gold/Jewellery/Precious Metal

A vendor must have an original bill for gold purchased.

A valid form of identification (passport/PAN Card/Aadhar Card/Voters ID)

A valid proof of address (passport/Aadhar Card/Voters ID) For NRIs and PIOs - Passport, PAN, and Current Indian Address For Non-Indians - Passport, Visa, and Current Indian Address

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